10 Sep 2017

Emjay Can Read!

My baby bro, who is just 3 years and 1 month old is already reading. Look how smart he is. :-)

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17 Apr 2017

My First Pedicure and Manicure

I went to Index Salon and Spa with my mom and grandma. And this is the first time i will have foot spa, manicure and pedicure. Please watch my experience.

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18 Jul 2013

Happy Birthday, Mommy Beauty!

Wishing my Mommy Beauty a very happy birthday :-)

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13 Jul 2013

Me… at St. Lukes

I am so afraid of injection (who is not?)… But i bravely agreed for blood extraction. And you know why – my dada promised to buy me 2 Barbie dolls. :-)

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01 Jul 2013

Happy Birthday, Tita Jiji!

11 Jun 2013

You Can Let Go Now, Daddy!

I was so nervous because we did not prepare that much for this. But even if there were many boo-boos, my Dada still loved it. :)

Happy father’s day, Dada – you are the best dad, ever!

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11 Jun 2013

My Message To My Dada!

09 Jun 2013

Our Father’s Day Message to Dada

21 Jan 2013

Birthday Gift To Dada: Dance With My Father

This was my surprise birthday gift to my dearest Dada! I danced with my Ate Reyn.

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25 Dec 2012

Piano Pieces – Christmas Songs

25 Dec 2012

Dancing Gangnam Style With Ate Arianne

12 May 2012

Mom’s Day Video

This video was made for me by my Mommy – for Mother’s Day.

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